02 March 2012

Funnyquote Friday

In praise of a particular high school instructor that hosts A Ganar meetings in her classroom, an upper level administrator from the same school mentioned that she is always present, always comes early, always leaves late – even on Fridays!  Moreover,

"What other 4A6 teacher do you know
that comes to work on a Friday?"

So a rather poignant quote for this week, more than a LOL kind of funny.  But it serves to highlight one of the curious problems the schools here in St. Kitts and Nevis faces.

Well, the latest edition of Serious Ting, Volume XXIII Issue 1, is metaphorically out the door!  As soon as they start shipping, I'll post a photo of the cover, and there should also be an accompanying link to a virtual edition of the magazine as well.  I'm pleased with it, for my part, and once again proud to show off our mutual contributions as a Peace Corps community here in the Eastern Caribbean.  This edition will be printed just in time to be made available for the outgoing EC81 class, set to COS in mid-April.  Analogously, there will be plans to prepare a second issue for this calendar year, presumably in time to be distributed before I end my term of service in mid-October.  I, however, will decline to be responsible for the layout of that edition, as I anticipate a hefty schedule in the declining months I have here.  However, it will also be satisfying to pass on my previous examples and assistance to the one that eventually takes my place – not to mention enjoy the expression of another one's expertise.

I recently threw my lot in with the Fitocracy, due to a previously sought yet admittedly unexpected invitation to their limited-membership beta test.  It's a social network for people who want to (1) get in shape, (2) stay in shape, or (3) brag about how in shape they are.  Since experiencing those rare and usually fleeting desires myself quite recently, I took to it swimmingly rapidly.  I've already carved out a workout regimen for myself, involving running the dirt path away from town and back for a total of ≈2.25 miles, followed by alternating sets of inclined push-ups and sit-ups, up to 4 sets each.  I'm seeing some moderate performance results already: I set my personal best in total push-ups and sit-ups yesterday.  The physical results, i.e. strength, conditioning, and muscle tone, are naturally slower to come.  But I'm staying positive, and not getting down on the times when I am unable to fulfill my goal for the day.  Rather, it usually steels me with a stronger resolve to make up for it the following day.  Here's hoping my parents' much-anticipated arrival on Sunday doesn't mess up my routine too much.

Speaking of which, I went ahead and planned out the first eight days of my parents' stay here, almost down to every meal.  I'm much more excited about getting to show them a piece of my life here on the island, though admittedly it will never meet up to exactly the same experience, since, for among so many other reasons, they will be driving me around in a car.  Woot!

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