17 February 2012

Funnyquote Friday

In a joint training session for instructors of the NSTP and Project Strong, one that devolved into nothing more than a philosophical discussion about who was more at fault for the declining standards of this generation's youth - the parents or the youth themselves, one individual provided the token technophobic argument, by pointing out,

"They all have a Blackberry®. 
I have a gooseberry."

So, what's going on?  Let's see... Last weekend was a real trial for me, but I got through it with only a few scratches.  Valentine's Day on this lonely island was no better, but there's nothing like a Valentine's Day come and gone to push oneself to get more fit.  So the last few days I've got started on my running once again.  My sleep schedule is finally such that I can go to bed regularly around 9:00, get up refreshed at 6:00 sharp, and be done with my workout by 7:00, in time for an early shower.  I'm going to supplement my runs, this go-around, with sets of push-ups and sit-ups.  I did that this morning, but really I had no choice: I noticed a spasmatic muscle/tendon behind my left knee this morning, and it was bad enough to prevent me from running.  So I'm going to give that the weekend to heal, and try and focus on my upper body in the meantime.

Work on the Ting continues.  I'm down to my last two weekends before I need to send away a final draft to St. Lucia for official PC/EC approval.  I'm still sanguine in my chances for pulling off the one-month turnaround time, but next week's schedule of A Ganar interviews every weekday evening from around 5:00 to 10:00 is going to be grueling, not to mention interfere with my Ting work time (and sleep schedule! *gloom*)  Anyway, seeing how the month is half gone, I should probably let my boss know that my family is going to be in town come March.  One thing's for sure – having a hard deadline at the end of the month sure makes the days fly by a lot faster!

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