29 April 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Here's the quote for this week:

"[I don't want fried chicken,] right now I'm so
hungry I could go for all of Noah's Ark deep-fried."

May 1st is Labour Day in many British and formerly British countries, so Monday is a work holiday, making this the second long weekend in a row.  So perhaps I will be able to get back on a regular schedule with my blog posts.  Or not; I haven't yet decided what to do on Monday, though hopefully it will involve liming somewhere fun.

Not much to update today.  I've been extra careful with my budget as of late, changing my typical purchasing habits to reflect the fact that I need to start saving up for some newly anticipated expenses, which include, not least of all, a gym membership fee.  This is assuming the place I plan on checking out today does, in fact, have showers available and a good selection of weight machines for upper-body building.  After getting in a workout routine my senior year at Tech, I have missed that self-efficacy boost that comes from seeing results after a month or so of work.  So I plan on trying to remedy that now.  Maybe "work" on my tan a little, while I'm here, too.

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