15 April 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Your quote for the week is a Caribbean idiom, used most commonly to draw attention to a particularly bizarre non sequitur:

"Morning, Peter.  Cabbage, Ma'am."

With students on their two-week-long Easter break, my Tuesdays and Thursdays are now being devoted to catching up on secondary projects.  And finding myself on the planning committee for the PC's 50th Anniversary celebration here in St. Kitts, as well as the newly-dubbed layout editor of the PC's Eastern Caribbean periodical, Serious Ting, my secondary projects are indeed beginning to pile up.  And after a busy weekend, all of my house chores, not to mention the stable workload at my primary assignment, are combining to keep me very busy, in spite of my ostensibly lax April schedule.  The difficult part, in light of always having projects I could be contributing to, is forcing myself to constantly maintain focus.  At university, one has abounding opportunity to develop a habit of focusing in 90-minute segments, just long enough to grasp what the professor is talking about before shutting down the brain to recoup the spent energy.  But here, the most devoted volunteers have the ability to continue working in full-on brain-drain status.  For my part, I don't care to go that far, relying instead on the knowledge that my best work is usually in the morning when my mind is fresh.  The tradeoff in time devoted to relaxing activities, e.g. correspondence chess, following Major League Baseball, and reading, is something I'm already an expert at!

Also, it's a new milestone: 100 posts!  Here's to the first 100, and to 100 more!

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  1. 300 more! Man, I had to read it out loud to keep focused on the meaning of that never-ending paragraph. haha. So I got a second interview at Recall. I'm so excited, it's Tuesday at 10! It's my first second interview.