30 March 2012

Funnyquote Friday

My mother, who was under the impression my apartment was about twice as large as it really is, on my sleeping arrangements while my parents were visiting me here in SKB:

"His head was in the living room,
and his feet were in the kitchen."

Yes, I was very grateful to get off of the floor and back into my own bed after my guests returned back home to the States.  And especially to get off of that silly little air mattress, which is so noisy that I woke up every time I turned over in my sleep.

I finished up Week 2 of the 100 Pushups Challenge today, knocking out 72 of the suggested 81.  For tomorrow, I have to max at least 25 in one set in order to progress on the track I am currently on.  It's challenging, but I am being rewarded both physically (increased strength and toning of my triceps, pectorals, and lats) as well as virtually (Fitocracy points; see Not Real).  I'm pleased with the progress I'm seeing in only two weeks of being on this pushups regimen, and I'm well on my way to reaching the stated goal of doing 100 pushups in a single set.

Tomorrow is a big day – a community service volunteer project to clean up the Irishtown Bay Road in the morning, followed by a Hash run starting at Black Rocks in Saddlers.  Hopefully, the nearly 50 student volunteers from local secondary and tertiary education institutions will be enough to clean up all of the garbage on the bayfront in Basseterre during the morning hours, and the one-off project will be a success.  The Hash that afternoon is being planned by a fellow volunteer, so I want to support his efforts, despite his assurance that the run is going to be very difficult.  Eh, part of the fun of doing these runs through the bush and through the country is getting to find out what I am capable of when I don't limit myself.

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