20 May 2011

Funnyquote Friday

So there we were, eight of us, piling into the SUV with our swim clothes and towels after enjoying a relaxing Easter Monday on the Bird Rock Beach Hotel sandbar: a mother, her son and daughter, three PCVs, and two local friends. The stress on the tires was palpable, and there was apparently some concern about the ability of the engine to not die on the way into to town.  Indeed, even as the key turned and the engine started up, a sudden shudder through the chassis left nothing but the battery light ignited.  The older boy in the back seat, not wasting any time, called upon his younger sister, invoking a bit of mysticism that one can only guess had worked before:

"Love the car, Adrian.  Love the car!"

I've been trying to get around to posting a more in depth update about goings-on here in the Caribbean, but have been sidetracked by other pursuits of late.  My schedule remains basically the same: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are spent at the NSTP office, full-time, working on the Client Profile Database project, and Tuesdays and Thursdays leading Iron Band practice at the school.  The database has, however, taken on a new and exciting dimension: I just discovered Google Docs!  No, not really; I've known about them for some time, but this is the first time I've had to incorporate their leet awesomeness into my work.  Now I don't need to worry about overlapping copies of the 1.2 MB spreadsheet I've been preparing for months – one digital copy available at any terminal with an internet connection, which supports simultaneous editing in real time from multiple locations is all I need!

This came out sounding more like an advertisement than I intended.  And when you consider that Google owns Blogger, it begins to look even more suspicious.  Hmm....

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