20 April 2012

Funnyquote Friday

The NSTP's registered students in the A Ganar program hosted the children of the St. Christopher Children's Home, an orphanage for homeless children in West Basseterre, to a special luncheon as part of their Food Preparation Course's community service mandate.  The result was a snazzy white-tablecloth affair and a fully catered meal of fine Caribbean cuisine.  The kids had a good time getting to ride in the bus to the Challengers Community Center, then rub elbows with the older girls in the class serving as hostesses.  In fact, one particularly flamboyant girl was having fun chatting with A Ganar Instructor Ms. Gloria Mills, and teaching her to sing her own made-up songs.  One included, "My name is Erubo Nikki / My name is Erubo Nikki" to a tune that almost immediately got locked in my head.  At Nikki's insistence, Ms. Mills tried her hand at the tune as well.  Nikki patiently waited while Ms. Mills got the gist of the rhythm, but when she could hold it no longer, she protested, to everyone's great amusement,

"Hey, you are falling out of tune!"

More of the usual here.  If not for the measurable progress in my workout routines and my fictional baseball team, I would probably go crazy from boredom.  But I'm continuing to stay busy – in fact, school starts back up next week, which means I will be on the hook once again for maths tutoring at Beach Allen Primary come Tuesday.  They will be focusing on readying students for end of course testing, known here as the "Test of Standards" for grades 3-6.  So any progress I can make in students' understanding of traditionally difficult topics (e.g. fractions) will hopefully go a long way towards their performance on these tests.

I've been working on another extensive themed post, and haven't got around to finishing it yet, so that's why the delay in posts this week.  Because of this, I didn't get a chance to mention that I experienced a new island first on Monday: I got stung by a centipede!  Yes, a baby centipede found its way under my pillow one night, and when I shifted my arm while half asleep, I apparently confounded the little bugger because it saw fit to use its self-defense mechanism and sting me.  I was lucky: it caught me in a very insensitive part of my body, and led to no actual swelling – just a slight pain that went away overnight.  Though, to be sure, since I was now wide awake and subject to a difficult prospect of falling asleep with the thought of bugs crawling around uninhibited in my bed, I took an hour to collect myself, and proceeded to replace the sheets the next morning.  All in all, a pretty decent way to deal with a threat I had been warned of since day one of PST, and I'm all the more glad that now I can say I did.

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