16 December 2011

Funnyquote Friday

"Ask not about the stipend.  When it is ready,
you will be informed.  In the meantime,
learn as much as you can!"

This admonishment can now be found posted above every door and archway at the NSTP, presumably in response to the swarm of inquiries, phone calls, and possibly impolite nudging by the trainees and their families, wondering about the first portion of their training stipend.  Despite being a mere pittance, on the order of EC$40, many are counting on it to supplement their Christmas shopping demands.  So while the need is real and serious, I couldn't help but laugh at the measures the office attendants took to assuage the more boisterous trainees.

Nothing much new to report – as I mentioned, today is my final stopoff at the office for the year, as all government agencies will be closed through the winter holidays and Carnival.  This will give me the opportunity to alter my focus for a time to some unfinished secondary projects, including finalizing the (Not Just) Math Games booklet, adding to the Youth Group proposal (which I'm considering naming S-Pres – but I can't remember why now), and getting a head start on the next issue of the Serious Ting.  All while attending Carnival goings-on in town in the evenings.  And catching up on reading.  And watching my girlfriend's cats.  And... Wait, will I have more free time, or less?

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