14 December 2011

36 Hawksbill Sea Turtles Saved

Following Team Trivia last night, the alarm went out through the SKN sea turtle conservation team (generally a Ross U. student-led organization) that a nest of dozens of baby sea turtles had been found outside their usual nesting grounds: instead of in Keys or somewhere on the Atlantic coast, this nest had been found on the East Bay Road in Basseterre, far closer to the city and its bright lights.  A team of locals, who stumbled across them, contacted the right people, and soon the conservation team's director was on the scene and directing helping hands and foot traffic.  She informed all of us there that the nest that had been found were of the hawksbill variety, and that they were critically endangered, so it was fortuitous that they had been found and collected.  She made an easy count as we set down 3-5 at a time on the shore nearer the water.  The hatchlings then began their three day, food-less trek to reach as far into the ocean as possible before getting settled and... doing whatever comes next – that was the extent of what I gleaned from last night's excursion.  But what an uncommon opportunity!

In other news, Murphy's Law strikes again: I brought in little Christmas gifts for my coworkers today, only to have everyone save one not show up due to feeling ill, taking vacation, or being busy with personal matters.  After spending a couple hours cogitating and manipulating a meager supply of holiday wrapping to satisfy the demands of seven, rather small, pyramids of chocolates, I am able to give out less than half of the presents I prepared.  Oh woe is me; I'll just have to wait until Friday, and hopefully the chocolates won't melt before then.

Also, Happy [2 × 13]th Birthday to me.  I don't feel a day over 25 – until I stop and think that I'm a mere four years from 30! *horror*

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