26 August 2011

Funnyquote Friday

In one of our great post-workday conversations, my coworker and I were discussing getting back and forth from the country.  I mentioned that I was grateful that my girlfriend only lives a short jaunt away on the bus.  "Jaunt?" she asked, as though never hearing the word before – in fact, she had not: they don't use it around here.  I explained what it meant, and added, "Besides, if I don't want to take the bus, I can always walk."  She gave me the incredulous look she always keeps for me when I start talking about walking distances strictly reserved for car travel.  I was anticipating this, and pointed out that it only takes 20 minutes along the road to walk to Ross University, near to where my girlfriend lives.  She responded:

*gasp* "That's almost thirty minutes!"

I have a lecture this morning, so I am making this post brief.  I will be presenting a basics tutorial on MS Excel to staff of the NSTP.  If it goes well, I'll continue on Monday with a similar lecture on MS PowerPoint.  At our last office meeting, some of the employees specifically asked me to take on this project.  In truth, I put it on the back burner for a while, and now it seems that one of the interested parties will be taking an extended hiatus to the States, so we're cramming in these two sessions before she leaves next week.  Hopefully some of what I teach will stick and prove useful in the future.

Looking forward to catching up on some projects this weekend, namely fleshing out the proposal for the youth group with St. George's Anglican, and adding some activities to the book of math games.  I need a de-tuner after yesterday, in which I spent the entire day finishing up the Serious Ting, making the edits from PC St. Lucia (EC HQ) and exporting high-quality .pdfs of all 44 pages (40 pages of content, plus inside and outside covers).  Here's hoping the printing goes well... I'm so entirely burnt out of that project now, I can't give it another thought.

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