19 August 2011

Funnyquote Friday

Last Sunday at church, during the notices:

"...And a very happy birthday to Ms. Janet Caines.
She was born on the same day as Fidel Castro."

I've avoided the issue long enough: it is getting increasingly difficult for me to post on a regular thrice-weekly schedule.  The combination of getting caught up in other projects, sporadic Internet connectivity, and a full-on collision with the summer doldrums has left me both incapable and moderately unmotivated.  So apologies if you've pulled up the page in recent weeks and didn't experience something dramatic and new.  I guess the same goes for new video blog entries as well.

On to the news for the week.  I was successful in putting in motion two new projects for the upcoming school year, namely a youth group associated with the St. George's Anglican Church, as well as a distribution outlet for my Math Games curriculum.  I'll put a little time into a couple different entries next week elaborating on the direction of both projects, but for now, the good news is that both meetings went better than expected, and I've got some new developments that will, hopefully, ultimately supplant the school's projects that I finished up at the end of last school year.  Also, the word back from St. Lucia on the Serious Ting is that we are very close to going to print with it, and we may be able to cajole full-color output for it!  So that's very exciting.

My girlfriend has finished her final exams for this trimester, and will be heading home to the States for an overdue two-week vacation.  In that time, I'll be responsible for watching her two cats, Nebula and Pigeon.  I'm happy to do it; the way I see it, at worst I'll have some additional company while she's away, and at best, I'll have a better understanding of whether or not I would enjoy keeping a pet in the 14 months I have remaining here.  I'm also taking advantage of the excuse to give my apartment a good scrub-down, mostly of the wash dirty dishes + clear cobwebs variety.

In other news, apparently, I am a cruciverbalist.  I never knew there was such a thing, until now.  So watch out for any future updates involving crisscrossing words.

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