24 August 2012

Funnyquote Friday

As I mentioned, I went to church last Sunday, where, during the Parish Notices segment (i.e. announcements), I was treated to this gem:  "Thanks to all the parishioners that donated to the youth fund drive...

"The vouchers you received, redeemable at Walgreens or Wal-Mart, are a token of our appreciation."

This unironic blurb earned a chuckle from the congregation that morning.  There are, of course, no Walgreens or Wal-Marts on island, and it's likely that the closest they could be found would be in Puerto Rico, a US$200 flight on LIAT from here.

Well, Tropical Storm Isaac did pass by here, waving his arrival on the Atlantic/windward side of the island, and waving his departure on the Caribbean/leeward side.  As I am on a hill facing the Caribbean Sea to the south, the brunt of the northern reaches of the storm hit my side of the island around 4:00-6:00 P.M. on Wednesday.  But being high up on a hill and also on the first floor of an apartment building, I have the best of both worlds: no flooding at all.  And even a full day later, the Caribbean Sea is still swollen, with waves buffeting the Bay Road in Basseterre relentlessly, washing up silt, sand, and kelp right onto the road.

No real news with regards to projects; it's slow going with the TRI website, but I expect to have things a little bit clearer come Tuesday of next week, when I am scheduled for my second meeting with our representative from the ICT Department.  That's it for now – here's looking forward to a productive weekend.

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