29 June 2012

Funnyquote Friday

At Team Trivia this past Tuesday, the very amicable Canadian couple asking the quiz were, despite their best efforts, not able to avoid a smattering of scoring irregularities, particularly when they asked the question: "How many colored balls are used in billiards?"  Now, as any connoisseur will tell you, billiards refers to a long-played tabletop game that involves a mere three balls – the two players' respective cue balls, and a single colored ball (typically red) that is communal and responsible for earning tallies in score.  This is the common understanding in England and other English-speaking countries not found in North America.  This is not to be confused with pool, of course, which uses a single communal cue ball and no less than fifteen colored balls.  It is unfortunate that, in North America, the term billiards serves to act as an umbrella term for all cue-related sports.  Thus the quizmasters, being North Americans and not familiar with the former game, were unaware of the discrepancy, and when the room burst into chaotic babble at the revelation that a scoring injustice had been made, the question was eventually scrapped in the interest of civility.  The ensuing question, "How many pips are on a pair of dice?" was met with much less controversy, to which the quizmaster replied, tongue-in-cheek,

"What do you know?
They have the same dice here as in England."

It was a strange week, all things considered.  The Ripple Institute received another community donation in the form of a secretarial desk, and I had to be on-hand at the office to receive it.  I was pleased to see it finally arrive, too – a mere 52 hours after it was originally promised to be delivered.  I ended up waiting at the office each of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons for this desk.  And even though this was a hassle, it gave me ample opportunity to get caught up on the bits of work I can do at TRI just to feel like I'm contributing: I designed a new business card this week, to be used by officers of the organization; I am still working on converting the recently completed Youth Council Group Application into an Individual Applicant version; I am waiting to hear back from my contact at the ICT for confirmation on the establishment of the website.  I'm so confounded with what molehills here in St. Kitts are rapidly morphed into mountains – I can't even get a 6" x 24" sign hung in a week's time!

St. Kitts MusicFest is all weekend, starting last night.  I'm still debating whether or not to attend, as the entrance price is a steep XCD $100 per night.  I don't relish the thought of dropping that kind of cash and finding myself standing at the back of a J'ouvert-esque mosh pit for 4-5 hours straight.  The issue has caused me some unfortunate anxiety, however, as I am confronted with some degree of social expectation to take part in the festivities.  I thought a nice compromise would be to go Saturday night, when the headliners Roberta Flack and Toni Braxton would be playing, but I've still not come to grips with this as of yet.  We'll see what happens, and I'll report back next week accordingly.

January's video is complete, incidentally, but I'll roll it out next week, so as not to crowd the homepage with embedded YouTube videos.

EDIT: It seems I missed Tau day.  Oh well.

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