17 December 2010

Funnyquote Friday

Here's your quote, the first line to a poem read by a very self-assured young lady who was flexing her satire muscles at the Christmas concert at St. George's parish on Monday:

"Tonight, I bring a message for our
Very Anxious Times (VAT)."

The poem went on to explain how Santa could not afford to fill up his sleigh with toys and goodies this year, in view of the new sales tax.  Needless to say, it was met with resounding applause and raucous laughter.  Except, perhaps, from some members present.

Not much to add today.  I'm getting over a new sinus infection that cropped up on Wednesday.  Fortunately, some OTC medication seems to neutralize the symptoms, though I am still sapped of my energy throughout the day.  And in spite of this, I find myself going in to work today to hold a site meeting with my APCD and my IPP.  Also, today will include a luncheon to celebrate a co-worker's last day before retirement.

As noted, some of the pictures from Wednesday's post came courtesy of a fellow PCV who served on St. Kitts, but who I did not have the pleasure of meeting myself.  Nonetheless, feel free to visit his blog.  He is a talented photographer and has lots of cool pictures of the Kittitian interior.


  1. Hey Chris! I just beat the Legend of Zelda on NES. finally! i had to go get the red ring first, and use a website, but I finally did it. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and have fun in the Caribbean! I'm trying to decide what game I should play next...

  2. Hey Jon! And a Happy New Year! Seems like I just spoke to you. Anyway, congrats on realizing your real LoZ potential – you have one up on MIG now, he still hasn't beat it. As for what to play next, what about Metroid Prime? Did that fall through due to disk failure? Or are you up to trying it again? If you like, I'll send you some retro reviews to spice up the intrigue a little...